Available Products Fast, Accurate, and Secure SDK/APIs
Products In The Market
  • Smart Album

    Enables users to quickly organize photos by people, making it easy to manage, find and share special moments

  • Face Unlock

    Accurate and reliable identity verification with liveness test

Products In Development
  • Smart Education

    Provides teachers with smart tools to personalize the learning experience of students based on their needs

  • VIP Customer Service

    Recognizes VIP customers and alerts attendants improving customer service

  • 2 Step Verification

    Enhances security by applying face verification before transactions are made

  • Marketing

    Enables personalized marketing experiences tailored to individuals

  • Smart Cameras

    Improves security by recognizing individuals and scenes greatly reducing false alarms

  • Intelligent Toys

    Identifies individuals and understand interactions creating unique experiences tailored for every child

  • Face Authentication

    Empowers businesses to securely and reliably verify a user’s identity locally without delays

  • Smart Retail

    Improves user experience by analyzing not only customer preferences, but also understanding what products they desire

  • Face Beautification

    Applies beauty filters such as remove blemish, skin whitening, and skin softening

  • Product Recognition

    Automatically recognizes products improving the marketing and sales experience

  • Intelligent Robot/Drone

    Helps robots and drones to understand their surroundings, helping them navigate safely and improve user experience

  • Interactive Stickers

    Enhances pictures by accurately applying fun interactive stickers

  • Medical Applications

    Improves diagnostics by highlighting areas of interests, helping doctors save time and make more informed analysis

  • Driver Alertness

    Improves the safety of drivers by determining if a driver is tired, or distracted and sounding an alarm when unusual behavior is detected

  • Industrial Robots

    Requires real-time analytics at locations where the internet might not be available making