Gaze Direction
  • Determines the direction of a gaze in Real Time

  • Easily determine what people are interested in based on what they are looking at

  • Determines the alertness of an individual for example if a person is distracted, or tired

  • Fast & Accurate

    Industry Leading execution speed and accuracy

  • Secure

    Offline Solution to ensure your privacy

  • Easy to Integrate

    Covers various frameworks and architectures to give you faster time to market

  • Flexible

    Hardware agnostic solution that can be easily ported to different hardware or platforms

Features And Specs
Support Multiple Platforms
For Additional Features and Specs message us at
For Additional Features and Specs message us at
Use Cases
  • Driver Alertness

    Improves the safety of drivers by determining if a driver is tired, or distracted and sounding an alarm when unusual behavior is detected

  • Smart Education

    Provides teachers with smart tools to personalize the learning experience of students based on their needs

  • Smart Retail

    Improves user experience by analyzing not only customer preferences, but also understanding what products they desire